Update - South Hayling Beach Management

Update - South Hayling Beach Management

Following completion of our beach management activities throughout February at Eastoke, stormy weather affected the south coast of England. The beach bore the brunt of these storms and prevented flooding from occurring. The storms caused beach roll back and erosion around Eastoke Corner, where the standard of protection is reduced and needs to be reinstated. 

In response to this erosion, Havant Borough Council has been clearing the promenade of shingle, which is expected to be complete by the 19th March 2021. We will then be carrying out a responsive, small-scale beach recycling to help reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion.

The works will involve the recycling of shingle material from areas of natural beach build up behind the Coastguard Revetment (Bound Lane) back to the areas of erosion around Eastoke Corner.

The recycling work will commence on Monday 22nd March 2021 and will last for a period of one week. This is dependant on weather conditions throughout, and we will update our website and social media should this change. These works are fully funded by the Environment Agency and will be carried out by our Contractor, Les Searle Group. You should expect to see heavy machinery – dumper trucks, bulldozer and excavator – on site.

The beach will remain open to the public for the duration of the works. The haul route will be marked using traffic cones, and warning signs will be in place along the beach. Please remain vigilant to the large machinery operating in the area.

We are aware that the Easter holiday period is approaching and will aim to have all works completed prior to the start of the holidays.

We would like to thank you for your patience while these works are carried out.

Ongoing Beach Works at South Hayling Ongoing Beach Works at South Hayling
Completed Works At South Hayling Completed Works At South Hayling