Past Public Engagement

On the 7th and 8th December 2009 public exhibitions were held at Hayling Island Sailing Club, Eastoke. This provided an opportunity for residents and the wider community to find out more about the Eastoke Point Study, view the outline scheme proposals for coastal defences at Eastoke Point and to discuss ideas with members of the project team.

The feedback received from these sessions has been very positive. Of the 136 members of the public that filled out response forms, 86% were supportive of the plans.

96% of people that were asked said there was a need to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion at Eastoke. Over 100 residents that attended the exhibition were from Eastoke and many had been informed of the event by letter.

Most of the people asked felt the information that was presented at the exhibition, including plans for a rock revetment buried in the beach crest, was good. 67% lived on a flood plain as shown in the Environment Agency flood maps and 54% have signed up to EA flood warnings. Yet 60% of these people don’t take preventative flood measures on their property.

Councillor Jenny Wride, whose portfolio includes coastal management, says: “It was very encouraging to have the support of the majority of people who attended the exhibitions. The Coastal Team continue to monitor the most vulnerable points along our coastline. They are also available to provide advice to residents on ways in which they can take preventative measures to protect their properties.”