North Portsea Island - Eastern Road and Kendall's Wharf, Phase 4

An update on North Portsea Island Coastal Defence Scheme

October 2020

The new coastal defences for North Portsea Island are designed to reduce the risk of coastal flooding over the next 100 years. Below is an update on progress to date and details of the next stages of the project.

Construction Progress

  • The footpath adjacent to Kendall’s Wharf is now open to the public and leads to the footpath route behind Tudor Sailing Club and Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre. 
  • A new surface for the path is complete, and work has started to landscape the area. The newly raised access road to Kendall’s Wharf and businesses is also fully open for public use. 
  • Excellent progress was made over the spring and summer with the completion of a raised earth embankment, sheet piling works and road raising to elevate the land levels to form a line of defence.
  • From September to March construction work is restricted due to the local ecology, in particular overwintering birds. So, with reduced construction on site over the focus turns to landscaping, planting and reinstatement.

Environmental Work

  • The grass area at Milton Common has been cut to provide alternative suitable grass habitat for the Brent Geese who overwinter here on Portsmouth. There is a need to provide alternative feeding areas whilst their feeding grounds along Eastern Road are occupied by the scheme during construction.
  • These signs/works are part of the coastal defence work, and not to do with the Aquind works or to do with any other development. The long grasses were cut this summer in a reptile safe manner to allow for any reptiles in the area to move to other areas of the common.

Keeping you involved

  • Before work on the flood defence resumes in March 2021, we aim to hold an event to provide more information on the new flood wall and details on the type of equipment and timings for the works. If an in-person event is not possible, due to coronavirus, other options such as an online event, leaflet drop or a static display at a community venue will be explored.  Details will be confirmed via this newsletter, the Coastal Partners website and via email to key stakeholder representatives.
Name Timescale for Construction  Timescale

Kendalls Wharf


In progress

Tudor Sailing Club & Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre


In progress

Harbourside Park & The Great Salterns Mansion Harvester


Not started

Great Salterns Quay and Milton Common


Not started

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Landscaping works will be taking place throughout October – November 2020.Seeding and planting will be given the opportunity to establish over this winter period. Wildflower mix, grass, and native trees are being planted in this area. The Contractor constructing the works for this phase is Mackley.

Construction of the Eastern Road flood defences will commence in April 2021, and continue until winter 2023. Over this time period, works are restricted to summer months due to ecological constraints over winter months (October – March). Over-wintering birds use Langstone Harbour and surrounding areas, and these birds are protected, so we must ensure that minimal disturbance occurs to them using the land. Eastern Road flood defences will comprise of a sea wall, with the use of glass flood walls at key points where stakeholders would otherwise have a loss of views. The glass flood wall is being provided as an enhancement by the Scheme, to ensure that the area is enhanced and remains to have the same character and vistas that we all enjoy and love.

There are no road closures planned for the Eastern Road.