Coastal Partners - Working Together To Protect Our Coastline

As a partnership formed of five councils, our team leads on coastal issues across 246km of Hampshire’s coastline.

Founded in 2012, we carry out many functions that help to protect thousands of homes, businesses, wildlife and infrastructure. Our far-reaching and diverse role involves managing flood and erosion risk, planning and designing new coastal defence schemes, inspecting and maintaining existing defences and working towards a flood resilient future.

In addition to our core coastal engineering services, we have also evolved our expertise into habitat and environmental matters, geomatics, funding, research and data analysis. We also advise on a variety of areas from project strategy, planning and design to monitoring, implementation and maintenance.

It is our vision to, manage coastlines, improve community resilience and enhance the natural environment.

The video below highlights upgraded flood defences and a regenerated area in Portsmouth. Combining interviews and stunning drone footage, this short film exemplifies innovative flood management whilst offering a community destination for generations to come. For more information on this project please visit here.

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