The Southern Coastal Group (SCG) and Standing Conference on Problems Associated with the Coastline (SCOPAC) are a combined organisation. Based in central southern England they provide a network for neighbouring Local Authorities and organisations involved in coastal management.

Originally formed as separate groups, they now work as one organisation to share and develop research, best practice and resources within the regions.

Lyall Cairns, Head of Service - Coastal Partners is the current Chairman of SCG and Dr Samantha Cope, Coastal Partners is Research Chair. This involves running the group, coordinating the research programme and providing technical assistance to councillors for SCOPAC.

“The SCG and SCOPAC research provides a mechanism for local and region-wide issues to be investigated, that may not ordinarily be undertaken by a single Local Authority. The knowledge shared not only benefits officers and members but can lead to much larger research projects being commissioned by central government.” Dr Samantha Cope, Coastal Partners

The benefits of collaboration are more important now than ever as the coastal management sector experiences increasing pressures from climate change, public sector cuts, shifting government policy and the retirement of senior engineers.

By supporting and leading the SCG and SCOPAC, Coastal Partners is contributing to the continuation and reinvigoration of the groups, ensuring their longevity and continued benefit to members.

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