Flood Response

Coastal Partners Operational Flood Response

We provide technical assistance for coastal flooding response to emergency planners in our five partner authorities. In addition we undertake the instruction and supervision for the closure of the floodgates and the installation of storm boards for each authority.

During the winter we have Coastal Incident Officers (CIOs) on duty when there are extreme high tides and significant weather events predicted. The officers will support the emergency planners and co-ordinate the necessary flood response in each area as required.

A response is undertaken when the Environment Agency issue a flood warning for areas covered by Coastal Partners. We work with emergency planning teams to provide suitable assistance for the predicted flooding.

For further flood response information and preparation that you can undertake for your property please visit the Environment Agency website.

You can also sign up to the Environment Agency Floodline Warnings Direct service, which alerts householders when flooding may occur. 

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