Flood And Coast Awards Pic Flood And Coast Awards Pic

Success at the 2022 Flood and Coast Excellence Awards

The Awards ceremony, organised by the Environment Agency (EA), recognised the Partnership and the North Portsea Island Coastal Defence Scheme as winners of the ‘Coastal Management’ category.  The success centred on the scheme’s ‘Ecoformliner’ as a leading example in environmentally focussed flood defences.

Project Manager, Caroline Timlett, alongside the Ecoformliner at the awardsThe Coastal Defence Scheme, located in Portsmouth, is the UK’s first large-scale application of an Ecoformliner. The Ecoformliner is a reusable mould that creates a textured finish on concrete seawalls that helps to improve habitats for marine plants and animals. 

Lyall Cairns, Head of Service at Coastal Partners remarks, "These flood defences have the potential to become a blueprint for future environmentally driven sea defences. As a ground-breaking ‘Greening the Grey’ solution, they benefit the local ecology, adapt to climate change and protect the community. I’m immensely proud of the efforts all the team and our partners have put in to bring this project to life".

The Ecoformliner delivers co-benefits for biodiversity and the resilience of the wall, increasing the sustainability of the project. Its design is based on leading UK eco-engineering science, and it encourages marine vegetation to take hold. The vegetation reduces salt ingress and egress to the wall by retaining a more constant moisture level and surface temperature during low tides. This consistency helps to lessen the weather-related deterioration which occurs in coastal defences over time.

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Photo shows Project Manager, Caroline Timlett, alongside the Ecoformliner at the awards

Ecoformliner wall Ecoformliner wall
EcoFormliner Wall EcoFormliner Wall

Ecoformliner wall installed as part of the North Portsea Island Phase 4 Coastal Defence Scheme

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