Hayling Island Funding and Implementation strategy

Coastal Partners on behalf of Havant Borough Council (HBC) developed a Funding and Implementation Strategy for Hayling Island, as the first step to a full FCERM Strategy.

Through this piece of work, we have:

  • Completed a full review of existing studies, strategies and relevant plans for Hayling Island
  • Updated flood risk modelling for the island and updated economic flood damages
  • Assessed the Gross Value-Added potential of FCERM works on the island
  • Engaged closely with the Local Plan and Regeneration teams
  • Undertaken a full defence condition assessment for the island and identified landfill issues
  • Identified potential beneficiaries and funding sources
  • Assessed the wider benefit opportunities in relation to heritage, environment, public realm, regeneration, recreation and health and wellbeing.

This piece of work, now complete, has enabled us to carry out valuable upfront assessments to support the case towards the development of a sustainable and cohesive FCERM Strategy to help manage coastal flood and erosion risk around the entirety of Hayling Island for the next 100 years