Local Initiatives

Please be aware that, however well meaning, placement of sandbags and/or rubble on the foreshore and in this area, without Consent from Natural England is unauthorised.

As part of our regular inspection and surveys, it has been noticed that sandbags and other methods have been deployed along the foreshore in front of the wall and appear to be increasing with time. On our last inspection, plastic sandbags were observed, these are detrimental for the environment and the local wildlife.

While the initiative to act in this matter is encouraging, it must be reiterated that the foreshore is part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest,  a Special protection Area, and a Ramsar Site, works on or near to it needs to have consent from Natural England as well as a Harbour works Licence from Chichester Harbour Conservancy. There is also a concern on liability, if someone was to trip and fall on reused rubble etc, responsibility would likely rest with those undertaking the work?

Any person or organisation intending to undertake any type of work including filling and placing of sandbags or the movement of materials from the foreshore in the future need first to apply for consent please see our Guidance on Consents page

Sandbags pic 1 Sandbags pic 1
Sandbags pic 2 Sandbags pic 2