North Portsea Island Phase 4b Update June 2022



Teamwork makes the dream work

We are thrilled to announce that our North Portsea Island Coastal Defence Scheme won the ‘Coastal Management’ award at the Flood and Coast Excellence Awards in June.

The project was awarded for the development of our ecoformliner - the textured sea wall we are building at Eastern Road that protects communities from flooding and creates habitats for marine animals and plants. Congratulations to all, a great recognition of the team's hard work and ongoing efforts to find solutions for "greening the grey" of sea defences.

Guy Mason, Coastal Manager for Portsmouth City Council said: "This is another example of pioneering work undertaken by Coastal Partners, showing continued innovation as we work with the Environment Agency and other partners. It clearly demonstrates how we can deliver flood defences, as well as improve habitat and public open space for the benefit of all."

Flood And Coast Awards Pic Flood And Coast Awards Pic

From piling to pouring

With most of the piling work finished, we are now moving on to the bases and lower walls. For this step of construction concrete is poured into the trench between the pile line and the old sea wall.

Then re-bar cages (the inner structural support for the wall as explained in our last update) are put in position and the base for the new wall is being poured.

For the lower walls we then attach the ecoformliner moulds and secure them by attaching metal shutters on both sides. Finally concrete is poured and once dried, the moulds are removed and our unique ecoformliner wall texture is revealed.

Dam right!

An exciting new feature arrived on site this month: our so-called Portadam, a portable water dam.

The nature of our construction work (literally) presents us with many challenges, one of them being the tides. As we construct the bases and lower walls of the new sea wall we need to ensure the area is dry - long enough to pour concrete and let it set for each section.

The portable water dam is currently partially installed in a trial area along the shore, where we know the tide comes in especially fast. Once trials are finished the full length 500m of dam will be installed and the team will be able to stay dry and continue work, whatever the tide.

Portadam Portadam

International interest

In June we welcomed a group of engineers from the Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore's National Water Agency, to our major flood defence schemes in Portsmouth. The group visited us to understand some of the design and engineering innovations being implemented on the Southsea Coastal Scheme and North Portsea Island Scheme. A great opportunity to share knowledge and innovations and learn from challenges another densely populated island city across the world is facing.

Singapore Trip 2022 Singapore Trip 2022