Selsey Emergency Works - February 2023

The area in the map below is undergoing emergency work on the sea defences. The project is being delivered by Chichester District Council (CDC) through the local authority coastal management team, Coastal Partners.

Key Information

Work will be completed in two stages and is expected to take 8 weeks in total.

Stage 1:

Work to start on the 14th of February for two-four days

This will be when the resin is pumped into the voids underneath the apron.

Stage 2:

Work to start on the 27th of February. Due to tide times work will be one week on, one week off. The repairs are expected to require four weeks of work, so the contractors could be on-site for approximately 8 weeks.

The chosen solution for the seawall/apron will involve:

  • Filling voids beneath the apron slabs

  • Raising the steel sheet pile toe, to seal the front edge of the apron and provide shuttering for encasement
  • Encasing the existing apron with concrete to seal any cracks and provide additional strength

Work will occur for approximately 6 hours each day, around the low tide. They’ll be no access to the beach during this time. 

Working hours will be between 7:00-19:00 Monday to Friday, working three hours on either side of the low tide. On occasion, work may start earlier dependent on the tide times, but work won’t go on later than this.