South Hayling Flood Event

Rough sea conditions occurred along the South Hayling frontage this week, these were due to a deep depression, which developed in the south west of the English Channel over the weekend.

These conditions produced exceptionally long swell periods of more than 20 seconds, causing waves to break at a higher point up the beach with more energy, resulting in overtopping and flooding at each high tide. This type of flood event is extremely unusual and did not coincide with a high spring tide.

There was flooding of the gardens to properties along Southwood Road, flood defences have retained the majority of the overtopping within the promenade, which will be released in a controlled manner at Creek Road surface water drain.

Havant Borough Council and their contractor Norse SE will continue to monitor the situation. Coastal Partners beach management contractor, Les Searle Group are currently on-site at Eastoke Beach and will be carrying out emergency repairs over the next 2 weeks.