The next stage of the North Portsea Island Coastal Defence scheme is underway

Work begins on the first stage, Kendall's Wharf, on 25th November 2019 and will continue until Spring 2020. The works include the construction of an earth embankment and wall, as well as raising the access road into Kendall's Wharf.

The site compound due to be installed from the 25th November 2019 will be located adjacent to Aggregate Industries and the construction work will be carried out by Mackley (

Two temporary access roads will be built before work starts on the embankment and wall. There will be a diversion in place for the coastal path to keep the public safe. Access to the sailing club and watersports centre will be maintained using one of the temporary roads and businesses will be open as usual. There are no road closures planned for the Eastern Road.

A planning application for the second stage of the work at Eastern Road was submitted in September 2019. Subject to planning approval, the work is planned to begin in April 2020. This work will include the construction of a seawall and raising the footpath in order to maintain views.

Public space and paths along the coast will be improved and any areas cleared of vegetation will be replanted with a range of specially chosen species including a mixture of grasses, trees, shrub and species rich meadow. The new plants will be more visually and ecologically diverse than what was there previously, creating a better habitat for local wildlife.

The work at Kendall’s Wharf and Eastern Road will tie in with the defences already built at Anchorage Park to the North and Milton Common to the South. The previous phase at Tipner Lake is now complete and reopened to the public in September.