Aspirations and Opportunities

Stakeholder Workshop - November 2020

Two online workshops were held in November 2020 with key stakeholders representing organisations, community groups, and landowners on Hayling Island, focussing on understanding and capturing aspirations, ideas and opportunities for Hayling’s coastal and harbour frontages, today and in the future.

The following questions were asked of the group:

Aspirations - Imagine there were no financial limitations, what would be your long-term vision / aspirations for this frontage (South coast / Harbour coast)? 

Opportunities – What other opportunities are there to improve recreation and access, the environment or heritage?

What you said

HICMS Aspirations and Opportunities Infographic HICMS Aspirations and Opportunities Infographic

How will we use this information?

These results helped us to understand what is important to those that live on and visit Hayling Island. The ideas, suggestions and aspirations identified will inform the development of strategic coastal management approaches alongside wider opportunities which could potentially be delivered alongside flood and erosion management schemes in the future.