Fareham Quay & Alton Grove to Cador Drive FCERM Studies

Latest News - August 2023

Following the completion of Phase 1 (Understanding the Baseline & Review of Existing Data) of the project in May 2023, Phase 2 (Options Appraisal - Identify a Long List of Options and Reduce to a Short List) is now well underway. A Long List of potential future coastal management options has been identified for both the Fareham Quay and the Alton Grove to Cador Drive frontages, with a collaborative Long List workshop held between the project team on 15thJune.  

Options appraisal is currently paused whilst the project consultants AECOM conduct a Wider Benefit appraisal, which will provide us with more certainty about the potential benefits that future schemes in these locations could deliver, ahead of developing the short list of options. 

The next steps will be to resume options appraisal in September and set up two stakeholder advisory groups. The Technical Advisory Group will include representatives from our regulators (the Environment Agency, Natural England, and departments of Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council) who will provide a technical steer to the project. While the Stakeholder Advisory Group will include key community representatives to provide local input into the next stages of the project. 

Why are these studies needed?

Sections of existing coastal defences at Fareham Quay and along the stretch of coastline from Alton Grove to Cador Drive are in very poor condition and are reaching the end of their serviceable life.

With no defences in place, 49 properties across both areas are at risk from an extreme tidal flood event today. With sea level rise, this increases to 400 properties at risk during a similar event in 100 years’ time.

Further to this, both coastal frontages are identified as historic coastal landfill sites. Continued erosion of defences in these locations could risk exposing further landfill and potentially pollute the environmentally important Portsmouth Harbour.

Given the high costs associated with ongoing maintenance and repairs, a longer-term sustainable solution is required to manage coastal flood and erosion risk and continue to protect the former landfill in these locations into the future.

What will the projects involve?

Coastal Partners are undertaking two studies to assess and develop long-term coastal management options at Fareham Quay and Alton Grove to Cador Drive, to reduce flood and erosion risk alongside the impacts of those risks on historic coastal landfill.

Fareham Quay & Alton Grove to Cador Drive share similar issues and drivers, such as historic coastal landfill, coastal flooding and erosion and similar asset life and condition. Situated close together (3km) and located within the same coastal environment, these studies are being delivered as one project to achieve efficiencies in delivery.

These studies are the first stage in the delivery of future schemes at Fareham Quay and Alton Grove to Cador Drive.

The outputs of the project will include:

  • Identification of a leading coastal management option for each site, that addresses coastal flood and erosion risk into the future
  • Outline designs for the leading options


The project formally commenced on 13th October 2022 and will take approximately 18 months to complete, with completion currently programmed for the end of May 2024 (exact dates may be subject to change).

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Who is involved?

Coastal Partners, as part of Fareham Borough Council, is delivering this project, supported by the engineering consultants AECOM. We will also be working in partnership with key stakeholders including the Environment Agency, alongside the local community during development of these studies.

How is the project funded?

The project is funded through Southern Regional flood and Coastal Committee Local levy and through a contribution by FBC.

The secured funding is for this study only, there will be a further gateway / decision point for FBC prior to the next stage (detailed design and construction) being able to take place, as this will require significant funding to be secured.

How do I get involved?

During development of the studies, the project team will be talking to the local community, key stakeholders and interested parties, providing an opportunity to contribute to the project.

Further updates as the project progresses will be posted on this webpage when available.

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