Hayling Island Coastal Management Strategy 2120

Hayling Island has a population of over 17,000, is located on the south Hampshire coast, within the Borough of Havant and has approximately 38km of coastline.

Being an island community, climate change is one of the largest challenges Hayling Island will face. It poses a significant threat to the economy, environment, health and way of life. Rising sea levels due to climate change are predicted to significantly increase the level of coastal flood and erosion risk on the island.

With no flood defences in place, 609 residential properties and 348 non-residential properties are currently at flood risk on the island from a 0.5% AEP event. By 2120, with sea level rise and climate change, this figure rises to 2,490 properties at risk from coastal flooding during a similar extreme event and 531 properties at risk from coastal erosion on Hayling Island. Access and egress on and off the island to the mainland via the sole road bridge connection (A3023) is also at risk.

In order to manage these risks into the future, the North Solent Shoreline Management Plan (NSSMP) recommended the need to develop an FCERM Strategy for the Hayling Island Coastline. The plan is to develop an FCERM Strategy for Hayling Island, identifying management approaches for the next 100 years, in two stages; Part 1: Hayling Island Funding and Implementation Strategy (HIFIS) – now complete, and Part 2: Hayling Island full FCERM Strategy

Hayling Island Funding and Implementation strategy (HIFIS)

Over the last year, the Coastal Partners on behalf of Havant Borough Council (HBC) have developed a Funding and Implementation Strategy for Hayling Island, as the first step to a full FCERM Strategy.

Through this piece of work, we have:

  • Completed a full review of existing studies, strategies and relevant plans for Hayling Island
  • Updated flood risk modelling for the island and updated economic flood damages
  • Assessed the Gross Value-Added potential of FCERM works on the island
  • Engaged closely with the Local Plan and regeneration teams
  • Undertaken a full defence condition assessment for the island and identified landfill issues
  • Identified potential beneficiaries and funding sources
  • Assessed the wider benefit opportunities in relation to heritage, environment, public realm, regeneration, recreation and health and wellbeing.

This piece of work, now complete, has enabled us to carry out valuable upfront assessments to support the case towards the development of a sustainable and cohesive FCERM Strategy to help manage coastal flood and erosion risk around the entirety of Hayling Island for the next 100 years

Hayling Island FCERM Strategy

The aim of the Hayling Island Strategy is to:

  • Develop strategic coastal management options for Hayling Island for the next 100 years
  • Outline a programme of investment to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion to people living on the island
  • Identify the potential funding sources and partners required to deliver that investment programme and be open and honest about where funding is likely to be a challenge
  • Incorporate adaptation strategies, as defence improvements will not be possible in all locations 
  • Be holistic, yet flexible for both people and nature
  • Respond to future changes, support sustainable development of the island and take into account predicted sea level rise and climate change
  • Make a partnership approach central, between HBC, EA, Natural England (NE), Landowners, businesses and local communities, making sure local needs and priorities are at its core

During development of the FCERM Strategy we will:

  • Carry out extensive engagement with key stakeholders, residents and the wider local community through workshops, drop-in events and using social media, to understand the aspirations and concerns of stakeholders, to help inform the development of The Strategy 
  • Undertake a coastal process study to understand coastal processes, and look at the longer term flood and erosion risk to both the open and harbour coastlines 
  • undertake Environmental, Ecological and Heritage Studies 
  • Appraise short, medium and long term sustainable FCERM approaches for Hayling Island 
  • Assess the costs of different approaches and the associated wider economic benefits develop a detailed short-term implementation plan. 
  • Investigate the wider benefits of schemes, links with regeneration opportunities and identify potential contribution opportunities for future coastal defence measures

We expect to develop the Strategy over the next 18 – 24 months. For an example of a completed strategy please visit - www.coastalpartners.org.uk/strategy

How can you help us and be involved in the strategy development...

We are currently in the process of identifying key stakeholders and stakeholder groups with an interest in the future management of Hayling Islands coast, who would like to be involved in shaping the FCERM Strategy.

If you are a member of an organisation, community group, or are a landowner with an interest in the future management of Hayling Islands coasts and would like to be involved in the development of the Strategy, please register your interest by sending an email to coastal.team@havant.gov.uk and include the subject title ‘Hayling Island Strategy’.

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