North Portsea Coastal Scheme Phase 5 – Ports Creek

Phase 5 of the North Portsea Island Coastal Defence Scheme is located at Ports Creek, and is the final phase of the North Portsea Island Coastal Defence Scheme. This phase has a design which is similar to the completed Phase 1 design at Anchorage Park. 

The planned design consists of an earth bund, which provides the required flood defence level, with a rock armour toe. As this phase will be carried out in an area known for its green open spaces, the focus will be on retaining the natural feel by planting more trees, improved paths, and access to the coastal path along this frontage. 

The planning application for the scheme will be submitted in winter 2022, with construction currently programmed to start in start in late 2024 until 2026/27. Prior to construction, a contractor will be procured and initial vegetation clearance work will be carried out. Once the contractor is appointed, a more detailed programme will be available.

The team have worked with Historic England, Natural England, Network Rail and other statutory regulators to develop the design and construction methods that will be used in the scheme.

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