Southsea Coastal Scheme

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The current defences are coming to the end of their lifespan, which increases the risk of flooding in Southsea. Our aim is to create new defences that embrace everything we all love about the seafront. The work will improve the seafront for future generations and stimulate regeneration, whilst protecting the community and preserving the area's unique heritage.

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The Southsea Coastal Scheme is being delivered by what is known as an 'Integrated Delivery Team'. It is comprised of experts from a range of different fields and organisations, all working together as one team. We are all passionate about Southsea seafront and want to protect and enhance its unique character.


We want to build new coastal defences that reduce the risk of a major flood event now and for the next 100 years. We also seek to enable regeneration, enhance the public realm and improve the setting of the many historic and cultural features that make our seafront so unique.


The current coastal defences do not offer a sufficient level of protection and are at the end of their serviceable life, leaving 8,077 homes and 704 commercial properties in Southsea at risk from coastal flooding. Recent failures, such as at Long Curtain Moat, have demonstrated this. The predicted effects of climate change will increase this risk further over the next century.


In 2020, the government awarded nearly £100m of funding to the Southsea Coastal Scheme. Funding from the Environment Agency was the final hurdle the Portsmouth City Council project had to overcome and work started on 7 September 2020.
Previously, the Council was allocated £6.5m of grant funding from central government to progress the design phase of the project.