Stokes Bay Study

Stokes Bay Option Appraisal and Outline Design Study


The existing defences at Stokes Bay are reaching the end of their serviceable life - see Stokes Bay maintenance page for updates on what work has been carried out recently and the planned short term repairs. 

Given the high costs associated with ongoing maintenance and repairs it is clear that a longer-term solution is required to manage coastal erosion between the East and West car parks at Stokes Bay. 


We are undertaking a Study to assess and develop longer term coastal management options at Stokes Bay to protect key infrastructure from flooding and erosion whilst preserving the amenity, historical and environmental value of the area.


Coastal Partners, as part of Gosport Borough Council, are working in partnership with Hampshire County Council to deliver this study.


The study is in the early stages and is estimated to take 18-24 months. 


Funding for the study has been obtained from the Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (SRFCC), Gosport Borough Council and Hampshire County Council. Funding for the construction of the chosen option needs to be sourced. This will be investigated throughout the study.

How do I find out more?

Further updates will be posted on the Coastal Partners website once available.  

Stokes Bay Repairs