North Portsea Coastal Scheme - Tipner Lake, Phase 3 2019

October 2019

As of Monday 7th October, the northern section of the North Portsea Island Coastal Defence Scheme at Tipner Lake is now open! The path links together the southern section of the defences from the Mountbatten Centre to the Hilsea roundabout, restoring 2km of coastal paths and ending the diversion along Northern Parade.

The project has also introduced 3 tidal pools which will help encourage marine biodiversity, 200m2 of locally grown saltmarsh and reinstated 150m2 of divided sedge.

There will still be workers in the area completing some final touches with landscaping over the coming weeks to ensure planting is in place before the winter months.

Thank you for your patience throughout the completion of this section of the defences. We hope you enjoy the coastal path and some of the improved landscaping and environmental enhancements.

July 2019   

The project is now in its 122nd week!

The majority of works currently taking place include landscaping such as continuing the shared cycle and footpath which will link in with the path near Portsbridge roundabout. 

We are now finishing the area around Hilsea Lido, which involves the laying of an artificial turfed area and the installation of a new perimeter fence. Users of the Lido will be able to use the turf as a lounging area.

We planted Saltmarsh plants, which were relocated from a habitat that would have been impacted by the next phase of works, east of Portsmouth. They cover the 80m stretch that can be seen from Portsbridge roundabout!

May 2019

The project is now in its 107th week and we are pleased to update you with our progress!

Upcoming works:

The final stages of major concrete work have commenced with the pouring of the sloped concrete revetment located by Portsbridge Roundabout. This will finish the 1850m long reinforced concrete sea defence which spans along Tipner Lake. Other major work includes installation of the rock revetment which will be placed within the northern section of the site between the Northern Slipway and the sloped concrete revetment shown in the photo to the right. 

Landward work includes the continuation of the pedestrian pathway linking the beginning of the Hilsea Lines to Hilsea Lido. Landscaping works continue to develop including reinstatement works at Alexandra Park. The non-established soil at Alexandra Park has been broken down and will be re-profiled to create a flat and smooth surface. The area will then be seeded and maintained until complete reinstatement with the rest of the field.

February 2019

Thank you to those who have told us about the drainage issues down at Alexandra Park. We are aware of the problem and new drainage will be installed in the spring which will help to fix the problem. We can't start work any earlier as there are currently restrictions on construction work, due to the birds who spend winter in the area. We thank you for your continued cooperation and support.