Coastal Engineering Minor Works Framework

This Framework provides access to a total of six Suppliers across two Lots, until May 2026, providing for a wide range of minor coastal engineering works:

  • Lot 1: General Coastal Civil Engineering Works
  • Lot 2: Specialist Beach Management Works

Set-up by the Southern Coastal Group (SCG) for its members, the Framework has also been made available for use by Contracting Authorities with Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Communities (RFCC) or Wessex RFCC membership, subject to an administrative access fee.

Key facts

  • Term: Four years to 1st May 2026
  • Extension Option: None
  • Find-a-Tender Notice: 2021/S 000-025521
  • Maximum framework value: £9,000,000
  • Call-off contract values: ~£20,000 - £150,000 but no imposed upper/lower limits
  • Call-off contract T&Cs: NEC4 ECSC/TSC/TSSC
  • Users: SCG members and Southern or Wessex RFCC members

Framework benefits

  • Quick route to market - fully compliant framework with pre-vetted Suppliers.
  • Wide scope – covering almost all eventualities of minor engineering works in a coastal environment.
  • Competitively tendered fees - used on a meet or beat basis.
  • Flexible call-off mechanisms - Mini-Competition and Direct Award routes available.
  • Managed Framework - providing user support & ensuring Framework integrity and competitiveness is maintained.
  • Easy to use - clear & simple framework with call off contract templates and easy to follow step-by-step User Guide included as standard.
  • NEC4 - industry standard contract T&Cs.
  • Procured and managed by a Local Authority for Local Authorities - so you can be sure it has been through the proper procurement channels and has best value at its heart.

Framework Suppliers

The Framework consists of two Lots with four Suppliers on each, which are listed alphabetically and not ranked or tiered:

Framework Scope

The Scope of Work covered across the two Lots of the Framework is

Lot 1
General Coastal Civil Engineering Works

Lot 2
Specialist Beach Management Works

  • Drainage infrastructure.
  • Earth and flood embankments
  • Flood gates, boards and demountable defences.
  • Heritage works
  • H&S issues and emergency works response.
  • Incidental beach management works.
  • Marine and harbour works
  • Piling works
  • Precast and insitu concrete works
  • Rock works
  • Slipways, promenades, steps and access ramps.
  • Timber groyne & revetment works
  • Beach management works.
  • Excavation, haulage, deposition, profiling and screening of beach material.
  • Ground works associated with flood and coastal risk management.
  • H&S issues and emergency works response.
  • Incidental general coastal civil engineering works.
  • Land based importing of suitable beach material from external sources.
  • Slipways, promenades, steps and access ramps.

Access Fee

For Contracting Authorities eligible to use the Framework but without Full or Associate SGC/SCOPAC membership, a one-off administrative access fee of £2,500 will apply enabling unlimited access and use for the Framework duration.

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