Langstone Coastal Defence Scheme Update - Oct 2021

Structural Investigations – Phase 2, October 2021

Following on from AECOM’s initial structural investigations which were undertaken in June 2021, AECOM have progressed to the next stage of structural investigations at Langstone, were completed week commencing 4th October 2021. 

On this occasion the use of a non-intrusive Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanner was proposed. To undertake the survey, the GPR Scanner was placed against each wall and moved vertically/ horizontally by the operative. It is used to detect the presence/ absence of hidden voids and cavities in walls, the thickness of the wall and the presence of any embedded reinforcement, such as steel.

The purpose of the scans is to help us gather adequate data to inform the detailed design. Safe work plans will be prepared for all site activities in accordance with AECOM’s policies and procedures. We expected minimal disruption during the scanning, the works did not involve intrusive sampling or create any holes or cores in the structure.

These investigations lasted for 1 week and included a survey of all structures which were recommended for GPR survey following the Phase 1 visual inspections. We sought permission from landowners for access where necessary.

Should you have any additional questions relating to the Phase 2 Structural Investigation works, please contact the Langstone Project Team by emailing

Ground Investigations – Now Complete 

Further Ground Investigation (GI) works took place in Langstone over a period of 3 weeks commencing Monday 13th September 2021. The works were undertaken by Structural Soils Ltd and involved undertaking a series of boreholes, dynamic samples and trial pits along the Langstone frontage.

The sampling was necessary to obtain further detail on the ground conditions, building upon previous investigations conducted in 2018. The samples will be analysed and will inform the detailed design currently being commissioned by Havant Borough Council for sea defences along the Langstone frontage.

For more information on the works, please refer to the information leaflet which is accessible online here.

The GI works were minimal in terms of extent and duration and were carefully planned in terms of access, timings, and environmental considerations. Works were undertaken outside of the overwintering bird period and ecological and archaeological watching briefs were present throughout. All the necessary licences and consents were obtained to undertake these works and access was negotiated where required.

Community Participation Evenings July 2021 – Event Summary now available! 

We were pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for the Langstone Community to meet with the design team on site at Langstone in July 2021. During these events we discussed the design of each frontage, answering questions and receiving feedback.

We are now able to present the ‘Event Summary’, a document which includes further information about each event. There were over 90 questions posed about the design across the two days, for which we have provided responses that can be shared with the whole community.

The document also sets out the importance of these events in the development of specific areas of the design going forward, providing further information on upcoming engagement later in the year.

The Event Summary document is available via the project webpages and will be circulated with event attendees.


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Community Participation Evening
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Beach Sample