Langstone Coastal Defence Scheme

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Updated January 2023

80% Design Review Period Extended

Following our thorough review of the 80% design deliverables, we identified that the design solution for some frontages required further refinement. This led to a delay in reaching the 80% Design Milestone.

We have built a clearer understanding of the competing constraints around the scheme and want to use this opportunity to seek greater confidence that the detailed design presented can address these constraints across all frontages.

Therefore, the decision was made to postpone any engagement on the 80% design whilst further development of the design is undertaken.

This included the next Langstone Stakeholder Working Group (LSWG) which will now be held in February 2023.

We had also planned for a Public Exhibition which had been due over the Winter. We are working on re-programming this event to compliment project progress towards the 100% design milestone

Update August 2022

50% Design Milestone Achieved

We are pleased to confirm that the detailed design for all frontages has progressed to the 50% design milestone. This means that the overall design ‘picture’ has been developed by 50%.

The designer (AECOM) has prepared new artistic impressions to convey the latest design, and these were first presented at the Langstone Stakeholder Working Group in July 2022. These show the main features of the proposals for each frontage, but some elements are yet to be decided such as appearance, construction materials and finishes. 

AECOM will now continue to develop the detailed design ‘picture’ to the next milestone at 80% where the latest designs will be shared with the Community at a public exhibition. At this stage, the detail will have been refined, incorporating feedback from stakeholders to further visualise the design proposals.

Further information on the 50% Design is available available by following the link to the Detailed Design webpage.

What is Detailed Design?

The options appraisal culminated in an outline design proposal for the most achievable solution, also known as the ‘leading options’. The detailed design phase progresses these leading options to a higher level of design detail, where we aim to refine:

  • The technical details for planning, construction, and buildability
  • Knowledge of the integrity of existing walls to form part of the scheme, where possible
  • The impacts on heritage, landscape and environment
  • The appearance, construction materials and finishes
  • The whole life cost

Click here for further detail about the scope of detailed design we have created a dedicated page.

What is the Langstone FCERM Scheme?

A Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Scheme is being developed at Langstone, Hampshire.

Over the next 100 years, over 120 homes in Langstone are at risk of tidal flooding in an extreme event. The aim of this scheme is to develop and implement coastal management options to reduce the flood and erosion risk to the community, important heritage assets and Langstone Road (A3023) the only road crossing to Hayling Island. See background to the scheme, and progress made to date.

The options appraisal phase led to the development of leading options for defences.

Detailed design is now being undertaken for the leading options of the Core and Additional Scheme. For further information on what these areas include please visit the ‘Core and Additional Scheme’ page.

Cabinet Meeting 28th October

The Cabinet were provided with an update on the progress of the Langstone FCERM Scheme on the 28th October 2020. The purpose of this meeting was to receive Cabinet approval on the outline design and proposed route alignment options, and further approval to commence with procurement of a professional consultant to undertake the detailed designs.

For further information on this Cabinet Meeting, including agenda, minutes and the decision, please visit the Havant Borough Council Webpages.