Langstone Coastal Defence Scheme Update - Oct 2021 Update

Ground Investigations – Minor Repairs to Embankment Due


Since completion of the Phase 2 Ground Investigations earlier this month, we have had a couple of reports of a short section of earth bund on the western side of Langstone Rd being inadequately reinstated. We have therefore asked the Ground Investigations contractor to return to site to reinstate the bund to previous levels. 

What is happening: Structural Soils Ltd. will be returning on Friday 29th October to reinstate a short (~2m) section of earth bund on the western side of Langstone Road, which was temporarily removed to gain access to the foreshore to enable collection of several samples. Works will be complete on the same day.

What you will see: A small excavator will be present which will be used to reposition and level timber posts in front of the bund and to reform the earth bund, to pre-access levels (using appropriate imported material), to the same condition prior to its temporary removal. An ecological watching brief and supervisor will be present throughout the works. The reformed works will be seeded with a coastal grassland mix to aid re-vegetation.

Langstone Access Bund Langstone Access Bund