North Portsea Island Phase 4b Update - Week 25 and 26

Another milestone reached last week: the Tudor Sailing Club slipway is completed!

As part of the North Portsea Island Scheme, we have partially raised and improved two slipways (concrete ramps leading into the sea to safely launch boats into the water), one at the Andrew Simpson Centre and one at the Tudor Sailing Club. Last week we finished the planned work to the second slipway at the Tudor Sailing Club and it is now re-opened for use by sailing club members. 

Both, the Tudor Sailing Club and the Andrew Simpson Centre have been working closely with the project team and the continued support and cooperation was remarkable. In order to ensure access to the water and to be able to continue sailing and other activities during construction, one was shared whilst work was conducted on the other and vice versa. 

The opening of the slipway at the Tudor Sailing Club marks one of the last milestones of work before pausing for winter. 

As we leave the seaward side of the construction work to protect overwintering birds, we will continue some final landside work over the autumn and winter. This will include replacing the temporary handrailing, and some landscaping and drainage work.

Tudor Slipway Glass Tudor Slipway Glass
Tudor Slipway Tudor Slipway