North Portsea Coastal Scheme - Eastern Road and Kendall's Wharf, Phase 4

We are building new flood defences for Portsea Island!

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A new video has been created to show the works on the scheme so far!

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Phase 4 – Eastern Road

Last year we completed the first section of Phase 4, including all landscaping works. The area completed was by Kendall’s Wharf, towards the northern end of Eastern Road. The site was approximately 300m long, and works included raising ground levels of footpaths and a road, as well as building the first section of a wall which will run down to Milton Common once works are complete. The northernmost section connects with previously completed Phase 1 Anchorage Park scheme. Landscaping works were also completed with new wildflowers and trees along the length of the footpath and road. Check out the pictures to see the construction and completed works!

Now we are working our way south along Eastern Road, we will be constructing through the summers of 2021 - 2023. The construction of these works is restricted to summer months due to ecological constraints during the winter months (October - March). Protected birds spend the winter in Langstone Harbour and the surrounding areas, so we ensure that minimal disturbance occurs to them. These works will give the area a new sea wall, a new, wider footpath as well as areas with a glass flood wall. There will also be areas of seating and enhanced landscaping, alongside many environmental enhancements. You may notice as the wall is being built that the seaward side of the wall is textured, this is called an ‘ecoformliner’. The textured surface allows for retention of water, which encourages habitat growth. This innovative design was made possible through initial investment by the Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (SRFCC). Read more about the environmental enhancements we are delivering on our environment

Works planned for spring/summer 2022 at Harbourside Park:

  • A sheet pile wall will be installed to help form the base for the glass flood wall.
  • Prior to piling works, a condition survey will be undertaken, including an inspection and photographic record of the local area. 
  • The concrete base will then be formed, and the glass flood wall installed.
  • These works are planned from 01 April 2022 to September 2022.

3D Visualisations Of The New Eastern Road Defences