North Portsea Island - Eastern Road and Kendall's Wharf, Phase 4

North Portsea Island Coastal Defence Scheme Update

March 2021

Works planned for spring/summer 2021 at Harbourside Park:

  • A new fence that will be installed to separate Harbourside Park from the working area. The fence will not affect the current view.
  • The footpath level will temporarily be reduced and widened to enable the team to prepare the wall.  
  • A horizontal sawcut will be made in the existing wall to prepare it for works next year. This does not increase the flood risk and the wall will still be fully functional. The saw cutting equipment will have a water feed attached to it to help dampen down the dust. 

Works planned for spring/summer 2022 at Harbourside Park:

  • A sheet pile wall will be installed to help form the base for the glass flood wall.
  • Prior to piling works, a condition survey will be undertaken, including an inspection and photographic record of the local area. 
  • The concrete base will then be formed, and the glass flood wall installed.
  • These works are planned from 01 April 2022 to September 2022.
Name Timescale for Construction  Timescale

Kendalls Wharf



Tudor Sailing Club & Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre


In progress

Harbourside Park & The Great Salterns Mansion Harvester


In progress

Great Salterns Quay and Milton Common


Not started

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Photos from Phase 4a

Protecting the environment

The construction of these works is restricted to summer months due to ecological constraints during the winter months (October – March). Protected birds spend the winter in Langstone Harbour and the surrounding areas, so we ensure that minimal disturbance occurs to them.