South Hayling Timber Maintenance

Notification of works along the South Hayling Frontage

Routine timber maintenance works are due to commence along the South Hayling frontage and will last for approximately 4 weeks on site.

Hayling Timber Maintenance Photo 2 Hayling Timber Maintenance Photo 2
Hayling Timber Maintenance Photo 3 Hayling Timber Maintenance Photo 3

What is timber maintenance?

Timber maintenance involves the repair of existing timber structures along the South Hayling coastline. These structures are both groynes, and the sloping timber structures at the Coastguard Hut (Bound Lane car park) and West Beach. 

The groynes on Hayling Island were constructed in the 1980’s in response to lowering beach levels. The structures help to slow longshore transport and hold beach material at Eastoke. Due to the age of the structures, annual maintenance is needed to maintain their stability.

The timber structures work alongside our beach management operations to help reduce the risk of coastal flooding to the properties at Eastoke.

Where will the project take place?

Maintenance work will take place in the following locations along the frontage (see the map below). These are focussed at Eastoke, the Coastguard Hut revetment, and the groyne at the western end of West Beach.

2021 Timber Works Hayling, Location map 2021 Timber Works Hayling, Location map

How will we undertake the operation?

Any defects have been identified by Havant Borough Council surveyors. Our Contractor, JT Mackley will work around the tides to ensure that the identified repairs are carried out. Generally, working hours are between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday, however if a low tide falls outside these hours you may see some working around this period. 

Where does the timber come from?

The timber is sourced from FSC approved suppliers, and is then cut to size and delivered to Hayling Island. Deliveries of timber will be made at the start of the work, direct to the HBC Compound on Southwood Road. There is not expected to be any disturbance during these deliveries.

Will I still be able to use the beach?

The beach will remain open to the public at all times. You may expect to see an excavator and dumper truck on the beach while the work is underway. There will be a minimum of 2 staff from the Contractor on site at all times. A member of Coastal Partners will also visit site to supervise the work.

The project may cause a small amount of noise disturbance, however we will endeavour to keep the level of inconvenience to a minimum. We would like to thank you for your patience whilst these works are carried out.