Eastoke Sectoral Strategy

The Strategy was developed by Coastal Partners in collaboration with Havant Borough Council which commissioned HR Wallingford to undertake the Eastoke Point Coastal Defence Study. 

The strategy was undertaken in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 was the Eastoke Sectoral Strategy study in 2006 where work was done to assess and compile the information and data to develop a comprehensive, sustainable strategy that promotes technically, environmentally and economically sound defence measures for the coast.
  • Stage 2 was the Eastoke Point Coastal Defence Study in 2009 which identified an outline scheme to reduce the flood risk along the frontage.  This scheme is currently being implemented by Coastal Partners.  For further information on this scheme please visit the Eastoke Point Scheme found under Coastal Schemes in the main menu section.

What area does the strategy cover?

The strategy covers the south eastern corner of Hayling Island, which is a dynamic coastline that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

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