Stokes Bay Seawall

Stokes Bay Seawall Replacement Project

Funding has been secured to replace the seawall at Stokes Bay East. Work is due to start in June 2024.


The Stokes Bay seawall and promenade constructed during the 1970’s has experienced several failures over recent years despite Gosport Borough Council investing in routine maintenance.

In February 2022, the low height seawall to the east was unable to withstand the effect of Storm Eunice. As a result, substantial damage to a 135m section of the seawall was caused.

The damage consists of uplifted promenade slabs, voids under the promenade with some collapsed sections and fractures throughout the sea defences. The area is currently fenced off to protect public safety. 

Immediate emergency works were completed to make the area safe, which included breaking any promenade concrete slabs with voids underneath, putting up additional fencing and adding shingle to provide additional support. 

The next step is to replace the failed section of coastal structure, promenade and protect the Stokes Bay Road and associated infrastructure.

The new design consists of a sheet pile wall in front of the failed seawall, new promenade, car park, and amenity area reinstatement.



Financial contributions were initially secured from Gosport Borough Council and Hampshire County Council to deliver the project. However, due to further damage of the existing seawall increasing the project scope and inflation impact on construction costs, the initial funding allocation was insufficient to progress the project into construction.

To address the funding shortfall, the project team reviewed all possible opportunities, including Local Levy funding. In October 2023, the Southern Regional Flood and Coast Committee (RFCC) confirmed that a combined Gosport Borough Council and Hampshire County Council Local Levy bid to secure the remaining funding required for construction was successful. The project is now fully funded.


Construction is programmed to begin in early June 2024, and will take approximately 4 months. The site will be closed to the public for the duration. There will be restricted access to the beach directly adjacent to the site, and a temporary footpath diversion to the north side of Stokes Bay Road for the duration of the work.

The image below shows approximate footpath diversion in red dotted line. 

Stokes Bay Map Site Boundary Stokes Bay Map Site Boundary

Stokes Bay Planning

The Local Planning Authority has granted full planning permission. The project team is currently working towards discharging the pre-commencement conditions.

Marine Management Organisation

The Project Team are working closely with the Marine Management Organisation to ensure the Marine Licence is secured for the project.


  • Discharge of planning and marine licence pre-commencement conditions.
  • Stokes Bay East Seawall Construction Start – Early June 2024

  • Stokes Bay East Seawall Construction Completion – September 2024.


Given the high costs associated with ongoing maintenance and the limited extent of the proposed replacement works, it is clear that a longer-term strategic solution is required at Stokes Bay. Coastal Partners are in the process of finalising a Stokes Bay Option Appraisal and Outline Design Study which considers the future sea defences for the whole of Stokes Bay from the perspective of flood and erosion, transport, tourism, heritage and the environment. The study is being funded by Local Levy, Gosport Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.