Gosport Coastal Defence Schemes

Coastal Defence Improvements in Gosport

Gosport Borough Council (GBC) is undertaking a project to improve the sea defences at three sites in the borough; AlverstokeForton and Seafield. Once built, the schemes will reduce tidal flood risk to over 500 Gosport homes until 2060.

We have secured £545k of funding from the Environment Agency for the Alverstoke scheme and £650k for the Forton Scheme. These funds have progressed the detail design and will also be used to construct both schemes. We have also secured £227k of funding to progress the Seafield scheme to enhanced outline design. We are actively working within the council and with external partners to explore opportunities to maximise contributions and funding for these schemes.

The Alverstoke and Forton schemes have been progressing since their approval in 2016, we have now reached the end of the detailed design stage with finalised designs created for both locations. We are now procuring the construction works, including appointing a suitable construction contractor as well as obtaining the necessary licensing and consents for the schemes. The construction is planned to commence in spring 2021. 

The enhanced outline design for Seafield has now been completed, the next steps for this scheme is to obtain suitable funding to allow the project to move to the detailed design phase. 

To view each scheme in more detail please follow the links in the ‘Related pages’ box.

Video footage of Alverstoke during Storm Barra, December 2021

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