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Stokes Bay Alverbank East Replacement Works

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February 2022

Following storm Eunice, damage to a substantial section of Stokes Bay seawall was sustained.

The damage consists of uplifted promenade slabs, voids left under the promenade, collapsed sections of the defences and promenade and fractures throughout the defence. The area is currently fenced off to protect health and safety. 

Immediate work will include breaking any promenade concrete slabs with voids underneath, putting up additional fencing and adding more shingle to provide some additional support. 

Gosport Borough Council own these defences and have responsibilities for their maintenance. The proposed repair works will replace the failed section of coastal structure, promenade and protect the Stokes Bay Road and associated infrastructure.

Financial contributions for the works have been secured from Hampshire Highways and the GBC Community Board – Non-Housing Capital Programme. This was approved by GBC Full Council in February 2021.

Stokes Bay and its surroundings support a host of habitats and species of significant ecological and nature conservation importance. This is reflected in the number of sites that have gained European and National environmental designation status like the neighbouring Browndown Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI)and the adjacent Special Protected Area (SPA) Solent and Dorset Coast. These works are also located within proximity to sites identified by the Solent Waders and Brent Goose Strategy (SWBGS), which are core areas for over-wintering birds. These designations place restrictions in relation to the timing of construction works so that we avoid disturbance to the overwintering birds period which are between October to April.

The overall objective of this project is to develop and design a cost-effective replacement sea defence for the failed section of seawall. Detailed design is required for the eastern section of seawall that runs parallel with Stokes Bay Road, fronting and adjacent to the Alverbank East Car Park. Design works will also include the design and detailing of the promenade, car park and amenity area reinstatements, drainage reinstatement to Alverbank East Car Park and safety improvement works.


  • Funding secured
  • Repair option appraisal completed
  • The options appraisal phase has led to the development of a preferred option for the defences. The next stage will be to develop the detailed design for this option
  • Geotechnical / Topographic / Beach profile surveys completed
  • Unexploded Ordnance Report (UXO) completed
  • Utility search completed  
  • Planning and environmental reports drafted
  • Seawall detailed design contract out to tender - Dec 2021


  • Detailed design - June 2022
  • Stokes Bay East Planning Application Submission - June 2022
  • Production of Construction tender documentation - Summer 2022
  • Stokes Bay East Seawall Construction - 2022/23 


Given the high costs associated with ongoing maintenance and limited extent of the proposed replacement works, it is clear that a longer-term strategic solution is required at Stokes Bay. Coastal Partners have scoped the requirement for a Stokes Bay Option Appraisal and Outline Design Study and been successful in bidding for a £200k grant from the Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to progress these studies over 2 years, starting in 2021/22. The project team have also secured contributions towards a proportion of the study from Hampshire County Council and GBC. These studies will consider the future sea defences for the whole of Stokes Bay from the perspective of flood and erosion, transport, tourism, heritage and the environment.

Stokes Bay Study