West Beach Maintenance


Understanding the history of the West Beach defences

The timber sea defences at West Beach were constructed in 1976 in response to coastal erosion. Inn-on-the-Beach was previously a lifeboat station when the coastline was further seaward in the 1900s, but subsequent structural changes impacted upon the mostly east to west sedimentation flow arriving at West Beach.

The timber structures have been maintained regularly since they were put in place. As Hayling Island's frontage is regularly exposed to large powerful waves, the structures have become worn by the action of the waves and shingle abrasion, reducing the serviceable life of the structure.

The revetment suffered severe storm damage in 2012 and 2014 which resulted in half of the structure having to be removed due to health and safety concerns. During the 2019/20 winter, unrepairable damage was caused by a series of storm events which resulted in the decision to remove a 140m section of revetment.

West Beach Timber Groyne West Beach Timber Groyne
West Beach Timber Groyne West Beach Timber Groyne

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Project Updates

July 2023

We continue to monitor the condition of the remaining sea defences and the position of the beach. See the FAQ page for the latest survey information.

West Beach Revetment West Beach Revetment

25th Feburary 2021

Groyne 54 at West Beach has now been completely removed. The timber will be transported to the temporary compound at the West Beach car park before removal to a licenced waste site. Please be aware that the ground in the vicinity of the groyne removal will be soft until the tide has washed over it. A beach marshal will be present on the beach for the remainder of today, until the tide covers the location of the groyne removal, to request you avoid the area. For your safety, please keep away from this small section of lower beach for the remainder of the afternoon.

24th Februrary 2021

Following recent storm events, the remaining section of the ineffectual timber groyne at West Beach will be removed on Thursday 25th February, during the afternoon tide. Once removed, the timber structure will be taken to the work compound located in the former West Beach car park, which is currently in use for our beach management works. For your safety please keep clear of the compound and work area.

This groyne is being removed in line with the coastal policy to remove life-expired structures once they become a health and safety risk. The removal commenced on 19th February 2021, however, due to the tide levels not dropping to their projected levels, full removal of the structure could not be carried out.

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19th February 2021

Before low tide this morning our contractor started removing the ineffective groyne at West Beach.
Forecasted tide levels didn't fall as low as projected so to ensure the safety of our staff, only the landward portion of the groyne could be removed – as illustrated in the pictures.

The remaining section of timber groyne will be removed towards the end of next week. Once a date has been confirmed, this webpage and social media will be updated.

West Beach Emergancy Repairs West Beach Emergancy Repairs

18th February 2021

Following recent storms, the isolated groyne (no.54) at West Beach has suffered irreparable damage and is posing a significant health and safety risk. This groyne is no longer effective at holding beach material, and will therefore be removed from the beach on Friday 19th February 2021 over low tide.

Some of the work may be undertaken during non-daylight hours to coincide with the low tide, with appropriate safety precautions in place. The timber structure will be removed to the work compound located in the former West Beach car park, which is currently in use for our beach management works. For your safety we would appreciate if you remain clear of both the compound and work area.

Emergency Repairs at West Beach Emergency Repairs at West Beach

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