Hook Lake Community Engagement

Engaging with the local community and wider stakeholders is an integral part of the Hook Lake Coastal Management Study. Key stakeholders will have a unique view on the use and future management of the Hook Lake Site and are a valuable source of information for the project team to incorporate into the project’s development.

Summer Drop-in Exhibitions (2022):

Following early work with the engineering consultant Binnies UK Ltd to identify a list of coastal management approaches that show potential to create habitat, the project team hosted two drop-in sessions in July 2022.

A series of posters on the project were presented, and these have been compiled into the ‘Hook Lake Exhibition Booklet’

A summary of these events has been captured in the ‘Shortlist Public Exhibition Report’.

Visitor Questionnaire (2021) results:

In Summer 2021 we launched a visitor survey to seek the community’s views on Hook Lake with Warsash Nature Reserve. Respondents were asked how they use the area, what they value most about the reserve, what the key issues are for them and what improvements they would like to see.

The top five answers to these key questions were….

Q: What do you do when you visit?

What Do You Do What Do You Do

Q: What do you value most about this location?

Value Most Value Most

Q: What issues at this location, if any, currently concern you?

Issues Concern You Issues Concern You