Core and Additional Scheme

Updated March 2021

Detailed design work will be undertaken for the leading options of the Core and Additional Scheme. This page provides further information on what these areas include.

The ‘Core Scheme’

The core scheme refers to the least cost scheme alignment that protects the largest number of properties.

Langstone Outline Design Core Scheme Info Langstone Outline Design Core Scheme Info

The ‘Additional Scheme’

There are some areas along the Langstone frontage, including the Mill Lane frontage and the Langstone Sailing Club, that are not included in the core scheme due to affordability, as shown on the following map.

Langstone Outline Design Additional Scheme Info Langstone Outline Design Additional Scheme Info

Defences in the area marked yellow are privately owned, and it is the private resident’s own responsibility to maintain their defences. For more information on coastal responsibilities please click here.

Although these defences are private, the Mill Lane area was included in the study. Following the appraisal process and due to affordability, this frontage is currently not included in the core scheme. We will continue to engage with Mill Lane residents during the next phase of design and will be undertaking the detailed design of the frontage to support the landowners and residents. Coastal Partners will work with these residents during the detailed design phase in the hope that private funding contributions can be made, enabling the frontage to be constructed alongside the core scheme. If contributions are not possible at this time, this detailed design work will provide design and costing information which will support residents with maintaining these defences in the future.

We have engaged with the Langstone Sailing Club through the development of this scheme. The project team will continue working with the Sailing Club in the development of the detailed design for protection to the southern tip of Langstone Spit, and to explore private funding contributions to potentially enable it to progress to construction in the future.