Upcoming Engagement for Detailed Design

Updated July 2021

Introduction to Engagement

Engagement with the local community and other stakeholders is an integral and important part of the scheme.

We will build on previous options appraisal and outline design engagement. A summary of this engagement is available here.

Our Engagement Outline Plan is presented below in Figure 1. Community and stakeholder engagement activities have been shown on this plan. There is a project timeline which runs from left to right and this indicates the significant Detailed Design stage milestones (yellow triangles). Because dates can change, we have shown each process or activity relative to the detailed design milestones that we are working towards.

Visual Engagement Plan Visual Engagement Plan

Figure 1 – Engagement Outline Plan

Impact of Covid-19

The introduction of social distancing measures during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we must adapt our methods of engagement away from traditional methods of face to face meetings. The latest guidance indicates that this is due to continue for some time.

While ever we are required to work from home, where possible and maintain social distances, we have moved to digital media platforms such as MS Teams to host meetings and we have also built this into our programme for engagement moving forwards. We look forward to holding physical meetings as soon as we can.

We are aware that the use of digital media might not be an accessible choice for everyone, so if it is a barrier to engagement we would like to know, so that we can help those who cannot get access to engage in another way.

Methods of Engagement  

We are looking to engage with the local community and other stakeholders in as many ways practical and feasible. Some of these will include:

Langstone Stakeholder Working Group (LSWG)

During the options appraisal phase, the LSWG met on three occasions, at key stages (start-up, short list and leading option). This group will continue to function as the primary group for engagement with the community and the wider stakeholder interests. Please refer to the engagement outline plan in Figure 1 for a timeframe of further events.

Community Participation Evenings

We were pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for the Langstone Community to meet with the design team on site at Langstone in July 2021.

The event was split into two evening sessions to enable the community to attend and also allow focus on each frontage of the scheme:

  • Wednesday 21st July 2021 (4-7pm) the areas of focus were the Royal Oak frontage, and High Street to Ship Inn frontage
  • Thursday 21st July 2021 (4-7pm) the areas of focus were the Ship Inn car park and west of the A3023 including Mill Lane and Langstone Spit

An ‘Event Summary’ Document has been prepared which sets out the agenda for each evening, a summary of each event, questions and answers and the next steps.

You can now access an online copy of this document.

Technical Steering Group

During the options appraisal stage, a Steering Group was set up to support the development of the coastal management options. The group included representatives from Havant Borough Council (planning and conservation), Hampshire County Council (highways and rights of way), the Environment Agency, Chichester Harbour Conservancy and the Langstone Harbour Authority.

The role of the Steering Group is to guide the delivery of the project, share knowledge, particularly regarding local issues, identify opportunities and constraints, ensure best practice and provide feedback and input to decision making.

Individual Meetings with Residents and Businesses

Since the leading options were identified for all frontages, the project team have hosted several 1-2-1 meetings with those residents and businesses directly impacted by the scheme’s proposals. The aim of these sessions was to speak directly to these individuals about the design, discuss the impact, and gain valuable feedback to be fed back into the design.

We will continue to undertake these meetings in the coming phase.

Meetings with Statutory Consultees

The project team will continue to engage separately with all our statutory consultees and regulators, including Natural England and Historic England, to obtain their support and advice about the Detailed Design stage of the project.

Meetings with Service and Utility Providers

The project team have already hosted several meetings with key service and utility providers who have assets located within the scheme footprint. Further conversations will continue during the detailed design stage.

Website Updates

The Coastal Partners website will be periodically updated as new information is available. The main page will cover all the project updates.


In November 2020, we launched a new Langstone Coastal Projects eNewsletter Further ENewsletters will be shares and added to the Coastal Partners website. If you would like to receive this newsletter, please click here.

Social Media

Coastal Partners will be using various social media platforms to share key updates and alerts across the partnership. Follow us on the icons at the top of this page! 

Design Exhibition

Following on from the public design exhibitions hosted in Langstone in 2018 (shortlist) and 2020 (leading option), another exhibition event is scheduled to share the detailed design. This will be hosted towards the end of the design process and will include all the work we have done with the LSWG and others to collaborate on the design.