South Hayling Beach Management - Winter 2021

Following storm events over the Christmas and New Year period, the beach at Eastoke has significantly reduced in height and width, leading to reduced protection to coastal properties. Havant Borough Council will be carrying out emergency, safety critical beach works along this frontage to help reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion.

The works will involve the carrying out of a small-scale beach recycling operation. Beach recycling is the movement of material from areas of beach build up to areas of erosion. This helps to restore beach levels and increase the standard of protection against flooding. Once the beach is reinstated it will be built to a 1:200 year standard of protection.

Beach Management Hayling Beach Management Hayling
Beach Management Hayling Beach Management Hayling

The works will be fully funded by the Environment Agency and will carried out by our Contractor, Les Searle Plant Hire & Sales. You should expect to see heavy machinery – dumper trucks, excavators and bulldozers – on site for the duration of the works.

The works will commence on Monday 1st February, and last for a period of 1-2 weeks, depending on the weather conditions throughout. If the works are expected to extend for a longer period, our social media will be updated with revised dates.

The works will take place along the southern frontage of Hayling Island, with material extracted from the beach between the Coastguard Hut and the Funfair and deposited along the residential frontage at Eastoke.

The beach will remain open to the public for the duration of the works. The haul route will be marked using traffic cones, and warning signs will be in safe along the beach. Please remain vigilant to the large machinery operating on the beach.

We would like to thank you for your patience whilst these works are being carried out.